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Derek Kaye's Family

For The Quick Start Challenge Week Two I'll be covering part of the foundation of why I'm building this business, what I expect out of it, and some of the financials required to reach my initial goals. This isn't intended to be a detailed breakdown of everything -- just a general synopsis of my dreams, my goals, and what will initially be required.

First off is my WHY! We all know that having a clearly defined 'why' can provide the fuel to get up and grind every morning, and successfully motor through the tough times that we all occasionally face.

For me, it's 100% my family! I'd like to show both my wife, Deborah -- and my two children, Edwin and Zoe -- that there's more to life than working the average 9 to 5. Pursuing your dreams takes sacrifice, effort, and constantly striving to be better today than you were yesterday and I feel it's important to impart this onto my children before they leave home.

Something I've come to realize over the past decade is that, for the most part, the things we own are essentially meaningless. What we normally remember and truly value are the experiences that we are exposed to -- not the objects that may be the focus of these experiences. Think of your last true vacation, for instance. It can be said that a good vacation is like a bookmark in your life. Once completed, much of what you talk about will be referenced with this vacation in mind -- "Oh yes, that was a few weeks after our trip to Mexico!" or "Wasn't that the spring before we went to Italy?" For most of us, our experiences in life are what will mean the most to us as we age.

Experiences!!  Make them rich -- and have them often!!

As for my goals, what I'm looking to accomplish is to provide for my family the means to travel at least six months out of the year, while working from whichever place we choose to call home. For this it's important that I 100% replace my wife's income, while bringing in enough to get rid of all debt outside of our current and future mortgage(s). For my children it's important that I provide the means for them to pursue whatever they wish in life -- and a legacy that will help provide for them after I'm gone.

Over the past few years, Deborah and I have extensively discussed relocating somewhere down south or in Europe. We're looking for a place which provides a more relaxing pace of life. A place where community and culture play a defining role -- and where it's comfortably warm 365 days out of the year... 🙂 We haven't figured out the exact details of this yet, but part of our shorter term goal is to check a few places out over the next few years so we can ultimately make an educated decision as to where we'd like to spend our time. Sitting on a beach conducting business a few hours per day, while enjoying family, friends and quality down-time sounds like an incredible way to wind down our lives.

For this to happen we'd be looking to bring in a minimum of $6,000 CAD (approximately $4,600 USD) AFTER TAX! This, of course, would be bolstered by my current Lead Generation income -- but I'll just count that as gravy at this point... 🙂

It's important to realize that goals are not set in stone -- they can sometimes be a moving target! So expect some updates to these as things progress... 

That's it for now, my friends!! Ciao!


  • Stacey Day says:

    Well said Derek 🙂 yes, travelling the world and being able to work while you do this is awesome – all the best for your dreams…

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