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Mexico Trip

Not a shabby view from our resort balcony, eh?? 🙂

Back in the summer of 2008 I left a 20 year career in the Air Force to embark upon a journey into business and the entrepreneurial world. Two weeks ago we arrived home from an 8-day trip to Mexico -- a trip that was LONG overdue and was essentially the culmination of 10 years of ups, downs, and finding my way online.

You see, it hasn't always been easy since I left the Military. Over the past decade I've been an insurance agent, bus driver, door-to-door sales person -- heck, I even found myself the owner of a local brick-and-mortar ad agency early on in my journey -- which is what fueled the passion for all things marketing that I have today!

Through all of this my incessant desire to learn everything I can about marketing online has fueled me to adopt all sorts of business models. I've engaged everything from eCommerce and niche affiliate marketing, to brokering web design, search engine optimization and paid advertising. I've even put together and published two eBooks on Amazon under a pseudonym (and did the same for others)!! What can I say? I love learning new things... 😊

Looking back, I realize that aside from all of the technical stuff, one of the most important things I've learned is what it is that I actually like and WANT to do! It's one thing to dream of running a thriving Amazon eCommerce business -- it's something totally different to be in the thick of things dealing with the day-to-day grind of researching products, dealing with customers, creating listings, etc ... all without any regular, positive interaction with people. I actually ended up doing quite well on Amazon but, after four months, realized it just wasn't for me.

Enter this new era of success in my life! Back in early March I was testing out some lead generation strategies and found one that worked extremely well. At this point I shut everything else down, started offering this as a service to my clients, and very quickly started to see success as a full-time Lead Generation and Strategic Marketing Consultant.

All of this brings me to today! With a marketing assistant helping me to service my clients, I've freed up quite a bit of time and am now looking at strategies to add revenue to my business in a more 'passive' way. My goal for this is to finally put the effort into BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST -- something we all know we should be doing -- but also something that we all avoid for a few reasons - learning how to write content that converts being a huge one!

As a part of this journey, I've recently started The Quick Start Challenge  - a 5-week accountability program offered by IM gurus Craig Crawford and Dean Holland! So hold on to your hats, Amigos!! 'Cuz I'm inviting you along for the ride in this, my adventures in digital marketing...