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Do You Hate Freedom?

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

Do you hate the idea of freedom??

Seriously now, think about this for a moment.

There's so much that freedom symbolizes:

The opportunity to do what we want...
... when we want...
... where we want...
... with whoever we want.

But there's a true cost to pursuing freedom -- that most of us are affected by -- but which we seldom consider.

You see, the pursuit of freedom is fraught with perils.

It comes with its own set of burdens.

The burden of choice...

The burden of responsibility for results -- or the lack thereof...

The burden of having to figure out how to achieve this freedom...
... and how to implement it...
... and then live with the consequences, good or bad.

The reality is that most people prefer to be led! It's just easier.

The fear of facing these burdens halts them in their tracks - making it impossible for them to step into their greatness - and making it easier to accept the status quo.

So how do you move past this fear?

It may help to Know Your Why and What - exactly - freedom means to you!!

Why do you wish to pursue building a business online?

What are you looking to get out of your business?

What does your dream life look like to you?

What monthly income goal will be required for you to start living your dream life?

Knowing all of this can help you to move past your fears and into a life of ACTION!

Are you an action taker? If so, let me know YOUR why in the comments section below...

Ciao for now!


PS: As part of the Quick Start Challenge - Week 2 - I'll cover my own Why & What in my next post!